Creating a Pollinator Friendly Garden: Top reasons why & how to do it

Published on March 17, 2021

Just what is pollination, anyway? Everyone wants beneficial pollinators in their garden because it helps the plants… somehow or another.

But maybe you’re a little fuzzy on what pollination is.

It’s obvious that having more butterflies and hummingbirds in the garden is fun, but why else might you want to attract more pollinators?

bee full of pollen

What is pollen and why is it important?

Pollen is more than just an allergen that makes you miserable when the seasons change.

This yellow powder is basically the male part of seed production. Some plants rely on the wind to pollinate. You can largely blame your allergies on these plants, which produce large amounts of airborne pollen.

Other plants need pollinators to help do the work. Birds, bats, bees, butterflies, and other insects do this important work. Without pollinators, many plants wouldn’t produce fruits, vegetables, or seeds.

Creating a pollinator-friendly garden

You can see why it’s important to create spaces that are friendly for pollinators. Humans can hand-pollinate if necessary, but it’s really a job best done by the experts. We’ve created a few articles to help you make a friendly space that is full of these friends buzzing, flitting, and fluttering about.

What you can do to help pollinators thrive

Many pollinator species are in decline right now. Habitat loss, the widespread use of insecticides targeted at other insects, and other factors contribute to this worrisome trend.

Humans can be a big part of the solution to this problem.

Planting lots of flowers and creating a welcoming environment in your garden is one way that you can help.

monarch with butterfly

If you do the work to make your garden inviting, you’ll be rewarded!

Having someone doing the specialized work of pollinating the garden is a big help. It’s also a delight to be buzzed by an energetic hummingbird, to watch the bees working, and to see butterflies visiting your flowers.

We think it’s well worth the effort to create a garden that’s right for them, too!


Written by Teresa Chandler
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