City Green

Clifton, NJ
City Green is a 501(c)3 urban farming and gardening organization, based in Clifton, New Jersey working to revitalize urban areas through agriculture and educational programming. It offers practical, technical and financial resources in support of environmental stewardship, equitable access to healthy food, and ecologically sustainable communities. City Green envisions livable, green urban communities that are socially, economically and environmentally rejuvenated.

Residents have access to bountiful fresh produce; youth have volunteer, work and leadership opportunities in the community; and neighborhoods have welcoming, safe, natural respites that are a focal point for sociability, community involvement, cultural expression and individual empowerment. The organization offers continual support for our 120+ school gardens, our preschool gardening program hosted at our five-acre farm site, and two of our primary youth initiatives operating in Paterson, NJ: a multi-site after-school gardening program and field trips to our one acre learning farm available to Paterson elementary schools. All of the produce grown will be harvested for use, consumption, and distribution by the children and community members that planted them. Through this process, these programs provide urban children with the opportunity to develop a deeper connection with the natural environment, gain an understanding of the importance of healthy food systems, and have access to outdoor recreational activities.

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