Seed to Feed - Church Community Services

Elkhart, IN
Seed to Feed is a part of a nonprofit organization, Church Community Services, that fights food insecurity in Elkhart county, Indiana. Seed to Feed has over 22 gardens throughout the county, all of which are volunteer led, that grow fresh produce to distribute at our onsite food pantry. They have an onsite community garden and greenhouse where over 20,000 plant starts for the community are propagated.

The program has developed a youth agricultural internship for ages 15-18 that teaches them how to garden, the impacts of the local food system, and the value of nutrition. All teens get experience in the community garden, greenhouse, and in their own production space they designed. We aim to address food insecurity in all our garden farming actions at Seed to Feed.

With Sow Right Seed’s donation, Seed to Feed was able to propagate and provide over 20,000 plant starts to the volunteer-led gardens throughout Elkhart county, as well as educate volunteers and youth alike. Sow Right Seeds were germinated, transplanted, and cared for by over 200 volunteers and 20 youth interns throughout the course of 2021. All the produce that was grown from these seeds was administered through the on-site food pantry, resulting in the dispersal of over 90,000 lbs. of fresh produce to those who need it most. 


people growing greens in a community garden raised bedvegetable harvest from local community gardensorting produce from community garden in warehouserows of produce planted in the community garden

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