A Lazy Gardener’s Best Friend: Self-Watering Containers

Sometimes, the trick to having a successful container garden comes down to picking the right pot. Self-watering containers can take the guesswork out of keeping plants properly hydrated. They also can save you some money in the long run. 

container with flowers

Self-Watering Containers for Easy Watering

Self-watering containers use capillary action to get water to the roots of your plants. The water is kept in a reservoir at the bottom of the pot and is drawn up into the soil where the roots can access it. Any excess water from watering too much or a rainstorm simply goes out of the outflow. 

Don’t Drown Your Plants

The beauty of this design is it eliminates the chances of overwatering. Plants then take what they need without being oversaturated. So many plants are destroyed by well-meaning overwatering, which is discouraging. A self-watering container can keep a zealous plant owner from drowning their plants and giving up. 

Consistency Is Key

Plants do better with consistent watering. Roots that dry out can die off, damaging or even killing the plant. Overwatering a weakened plant in compensation can finish the job. By contrast, a self-watering container is a consistent, steady source of moisture without this harmful cycle. It’s another way a self-watering container can save your plants.

Container Gardening Challenges

Container gardens need more frequent watering than gardens in the soil, and a self-watering container can reduce that need. The shallow soil doesn’t retain moisture as well. In some climates, the midday heat can be enough to bake any water out of the soil. The University of Florida extension office shares some of the ways self-watering containers can combat the challenges of excessive heat combined with low rainfall. Your plants might never be the same if you even forget one day of watering in that sort of weather. 

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Conserve More Water

As a bonus, a self-watering container can be a conservation measure! When you use water you’ve collected less frequently, you’re saving water and money. It’s easy to attach your self-watering container to a rainwater catchment system. Plants thrive without the harsh chlorine that’s used to treat municipal water, too. Your container garden will be healthier and happier. 

Making sure your plants get the ideal amount of water can be as easy as choosing a self-watering container. There are some great designs available to buy at your local store. If you’re handy and want to save a few dollars, you can even make your own out of a 5-gallon bucket with these easy instructions from the University of Maryland extension

Beat the heat and save yourself time and money with self-watering containers! 

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