Common Milkweed

A herbaceous bush with full clusters of pink star-shaped flowers. Grows 24-40″ tall. Attracts monarch butterflies and other beneficial insects. A perennial flower.

Milkweed is known for being slow to germinate. Stratifying the seeds helps. Sprinkle seeds onto a moist paper towel, fold the towel, and insert it into a plastic bag. Place the bag in a refrigerator for 2-4 weeks. After that, sow seeds indoors in a warm and bright location. Plant seeds no more than 1/4" deep; they need light to germinate. Keep moist, but do not over water. Transplant outdoors when danger of frost is past.

Days to Germination

Light Requirement

Net Weight

Optimum Germination Temperature

Planting Depth

Plant Spacing

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