Container Vegetables Collection

container vegetable seed packet collection with 5 varieties of seeds for sale
vegetable red russian kale seeds
how to grow the best red russian kale plants
vegetable buttercrunch lettuce seeds
vegetable french breakfast radish seeds
vegetable cubanelle sweet pepper seeds
vegetable long purple eggplant seeds

Container Vegetables Collection

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Our container vegetable collection contains five large individual packets of Long Purple Eggplant, Red Russian Kale, Buttercrunch Lettuce, Cubanelle Pepper and French Breakfast Radish seeds to grow fresh, beautiful vegetables in containers on patios, decks and in small spaces.

Handpicked classic varieties that generations of gardeners have grown and loved in their home gardens. Home-grown fresh vegetables are hard to beat for flavor and nutrition. This assortment will fill your plate with the same delicious and healthy vegetable varieties that your grandparents love to grow.

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