Why start tomatoes from seed? Six good reasons

Published on March 04, 2021

Starting tomatoes from seed is a new experience for many gardeners. Many of us are used to buying seedlings that have already been started by someone else.

So why even go to all the trouble of starting tomatoes from seed in the first place?

tomato seedlings growing indoors

Six good reasons to start your tomatoes from seed:


1. More seed options

Although gardening stores do their best, there are only so many varieties that are practical to keep in stock. These stores have limited shelf space, so they pick the varieties that hold up well to the variable conditions of the store and will sell well. By growing from seed, you can pick tomatoes that fit your tastebuds and gardening situation.

2. Expense

Just one packet of seeds can grow a lot more tomato plants for a fraction of the cost. This gives you a chance to explore new varieties and take chances you might not otherwise.

3. Greater control

Buying seedlings from someone else means you place a great deal of trust in their process. This trust might be well-founded, but sometimes seedlings that have been grown to look great in the showroom don’t do so well in the “real world” of your garden. You’ll be able to keep track of the conditions your plants experience from the first day all the way to hardening off. This leads us to…

4. Hardening off

Your plants won’t have to undergo a journey from greenhouse to store to car to hardening off to the garden. Instead, your plants can be gradually hardened off in a way that spares them the shock of the rough handling some plants can get in the store.

5. Bragging rights

That’s right, everyone will be more impressed when you say you took your tomatoes from seed to the dinner table. This is no small benefit. You’ll deserve that glow of pride when you bite into a juicy tomato you grew yourself.

6. Fun!

Yes, we saved the best for last. It’s absolutely delightful to grow your tomatoes from seed. You’ll learn more about your tomatoes along the way, and the whole process will make you smile. That fun angle is also perfect for helping infect kids with the gardening bug.

What kind of tomatoes do you like the best? Are you growing in containers, or out in the garden? Whatever your answers, we hope you consider growing your next tomatoes from seed.

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