Seed Donation Program

Smiling kids holding seed packets from seed donation program

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Qualifying Organizations

Our goal is to support charitable organizations who grow produce to help members of their community who are in need of food assistance.

These may include but are not limited to:

-Community kitchens

-Food assistance programs

-Food banks

-Soup kitchens

-Food pantries


-Hunger relief programs

What will be donated

We will donate a collection of seed packets with growing instructions to help your organization grow healthy, nutrient-dense produce for the individuals and families you serve.

Collections will include 25-100 seed packets depending on your organization’s ability and space to grow (please describe in form).

The varieties will vary based on seed availability but we will include varieties that are highly productive relative to the space they require.

Terms & Conditions

The seeds that we donate should only be used by organizations for growing food to feed the hungry. They may not be grown for personal or business use.