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Vegetable Seeds

Eating what you’ve grown is such a satisfying pleasure. There’s just nothing that compares with the taste of a fresh vegetable grown in your own garden. Sow Right Seeds’ vegetable seeds let you taste heirloom varieties the way nature intended. Once you experience the incredible fresh flavor, you’ll be a gardener for life.

Flower Seeds

From Asters to Zinnias, our flower seeds are just waiting to greet you with fresh colorful blooms. We’ve selected seeds that are easy to grow and will beautify your world. Fresh flowers are also a great way to help your local pollinators. Plant some for you and the bees.

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Herb Seeds

A kitchen garden doesn’t have to be large to add impact. Many herbs are quick and easy to grow. Even with a windowsill you can have a reliable supply of fresh and flavorful herbs to make any meal spectacular.

Safe Seed Pledge

We have taken the Safe Seed Pledge. That means we promise to only provide seed that will be safe for you and our planet for generations to come. We know human life depends on agriculture, and we honor our part in that effort.

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Daikon Driller as a Cover Crop in Your Garden

Daikon Driller as a Cover Crop in Your Garden

Cover crops can help tackle a lot of different problems in the garden such as erosion, soil quality and more. If you’re dealing with soil compaction, Daikon Driller might be just the thing to help loosen up your soil while helping you to retain its nutrients. No-Till...

Yellow Mustard as a Cover Crop

Yellow Mustard as a Cover Crop

If you’re looking into cover crops, Yellow Mustard has a lot of advantages. Like other cover crops, it prevents erosion and suppresses weeds. It also loosens up soil that’s become compacted by growing deep roots 1-3 feet below the soil surface. Those roots help Yellow...

Growing Winter Oats as a Cover Crop

Growing Winter Oats as a Cover Crop

Winter Oats are a popular and affordable cover crop with a lot of advantages. This cool season annual grass matures quickly in about 60 days. In that time, they provide erosion control and weed suppression to protect your garden beds. Oats are excellent nutrient...