Perennial Wildflowers

perennial wildflower seeds for sale
perennial mix wildflowers seed packet includes variety highlights helpful growing specs easy to follow planting instructions
perennial mix wildflowers seeds support local biodiversity with blooms that return year after year
perennial mix wildflowers mix pollinator hummingbird bee columbine blanket flower growing in field garden
perennial mix wildflowers seeds includes favorites like black-eyed susan, blanket flower, milkweed, columbine and more

Perennial Wildflowers

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Enjoy this all perennial wildflower mix. Sow once and watch these flowers bloom for years. Beneficial insects and birds will love feasting on the pollen and nectar. This mix will produce continuous blooms and variety throughout the growing season. Includes favorites like Black-Eyed Susan, Blanketflower, Milkweed, Columbine, Gayfeather, Coneflower and many more!

Grow a lovely flower garden full of natural flora to support local wildlife. For planting in most regions.

Seed packet contains 5 G (about 5000 seeds). Start wildflower seeds indoors for early blooms - Large, premium seed packets give instructions on how to grow and when to plant outdoors

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