Golden Wax Bean

golden buttery vegetable bean seeds for sale
golden wax bush bean seed packet includes variety highlights helpful growing specs easy to follow planting instructions
golden wax bush bean seeds buttery golden-yellow pods with a tender texture
golden wax bush bean seeds collage growing in garden large harvest in bowl with twine colander
golden wax bush bean seeds compact growth high yields and early maturity
golden wax bush bean seeds buttery flavor and tender texture that makes them a culinary favorite

Golden Wax Bean

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Golden Wax Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) produces buttery yellow stringless wax beans with 4-6" pods. Compact bushes grow only 16-18" tall and are a great choice for gardeners with limited space. Seed packet contains 7 G (about 40 seeds).

Beans make a refreshing and delicious garden snack. They are great sauteed with other vegetables, as an ingredient in casseroles, or eaten raw. Cans and freezes well. Large, premium seed packets give instructions on how to grow and when to plant outdoors. 

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