Large Microgreens Collection

large microgreens seed collection for sale with 8 seed packets
spicy arugula microgreen seed packet
how to grow the best microgreen sprouts
crunchy sunflower microgreen seed packet
spicy radish microgreen seed packet
crunchy pea microgreen seed packet
red kale microgreen seed packet
red cabbage microgreen seed packet
tasty broccoli microgreen seed packet
spicy cress microgreen seed packet

Large Microgreens Collection

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Our large microgreens collection contains 8 individual packets of tasty microgreens including arugula, broccoli, cabbage, cress, kale, radish, pea, and sunflower. Ready to harvest in just 8 to 12 days. Can be grown in a thin layer of soil or fiber mat in a shallow tray. No fertilizer or grow lights needed. A window sill has enough light. 

Microgreens are little nutrient packed powerfoods. Add a boost of flavor and goodness to your meals. Large, premium seed packets give instructions on how to grow and when to plant. 

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