Create a Seed Sowing Calendar

Use our seed planting tool to create your personalized seed sowing calendar.

How to Use the Seed Planting Calculator

It's easy to get your personalized indoor seed starting schedule. Enter your zipcode and click submit. It's that simple! Then you can print out your list of dates to sow seeds.

When Can I Start Seeds Indoors?

Growing from seed requires some planning, especially knowing when to start seeds indoors. Individual seed packets recommend the number of weeks to start seeds early. Look for the variety you want to grow and see the date you can plant it in your growing zone.

We've created a tool that calculates the recommended dates to start seeds indoors and tells you when it should be safe to transplant and direct sow. 

Use your chart to plan your garden and ensure a successful harvest.


The 10%, 30%, 50% means the chance that there will be a frost on those dates. If you want to get your plants out earlier in the spring and are willing to risk a 50% chance of frost, click on 50% to see what date to plant outdoors.

For planning a fall garden, the chance of frost date is the first fall frost.

This seed starting calculator will give you both spring and fall dates. Click on the fall section to see when to plant your fall garden.

Our complete indoor seed-starting guide will get you growing. It covers everything from seed-starting mix to transplanting.

You can use the Frost Date Probability option to see when you can plant earlier. Just be aware that for frost-sensitive plants, you will need to watch the weather forecast and be ready to protect your seedlings on cold nights.

The seed-starting calculator will give you dates to start your fall garden seeds. You can adjust the dates based on the frost probability and start seeds later, knowing there is a 50% chance of frost.

The hardiness zone is helpful for perennial plants. Click on the hardiness zone to see what the average minimum temperatures are for your location.