Daikon Driller Radish

soil compaction breaking radish seeds for sale
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Daikon Driller Radish

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Daikon Driller (Raphanus sativus longipinnatus) is a tillage radish that cultivates and breaks up compact soil. Its taproots are extremely long, reaching 10-20" deep into the soil. These taproots gather and store nutrients that enrich the soil as they decompose. 2-3' wide leaves cover soil surface, keeping it mulched and weed free.

Winter-hardy and drought-tolerant cover crops can help cover the soil of your home garden beds during the off season. We've included enough seed in one packet to cover an 8' x 4' garden bed. Improving soil health through cover crop planting is an easy and low cost way of maintaining your garden from year to year. Large, premium seed packets give instructions on how to grow and when to plant outdoors

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This packet contains enough seed to plant a 8' x 4' bed. Plant in late summer to fall, 6 weeks before first frost. In cool climates, Radishes will freeze and die over winter. As taproot decays it leaves holes and nutrients behind in the soil. Reduces tilling required for spring planting.

Days to germination 3-8
Planting depth 1/4"
Plant Spacing 3"
Soil Temperature 60° - 70°
Light Requirements Full Sun

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