Salad Microgreens Starter Kit

sunflower pea and radish microgreens growing in trays salad microgreens starter kit
salad microgreens starter kit diagram showing all components of product
salad microgreens collection containing 3 varieties of seed packets for sale
how to grow the best microgreens sprouts
easy to grow quick harvest nutrient packed grow your own microgreens

Salad Microgreens Starter Kit

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This kit comes with everything you will need to start growing your own microgreens. Kit includes: 3 premium seed packets of Radish, Pea, and Sunflower microgreen seeds, 3 microgreen trays with 3 lids, and 1 ½ cups of soil mix. These varieties are great added to salads for extra texture or flavor.

Ready to harvest in just 8 to 12 days. Can be grown in a thin layer of soil or fiber mat in a shallow tray. No fertilizer or grow lights needed. A window sill has enough light. Microgreens are little nutrient packed powerfoods. Add a boost of flavor and goodness to your meals. Great gardening gift.

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Customer Reviews

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Dona Reagan

I love sprouts! There are a lot of seeds in the packs!! I look forward to eating them!!