medicinal benefits herb chicory flower seeds for sale
chicory seed packet includes variety highlights, helpful growing specs, easy to follow planting instructions
chicory seed packet bright blue flowers attract beneficial pollinators
chicory seeds collage herbal tea blossoms growing in garden blooms flowers dew
chicory seeds roasted chicory root is often used as a coffee substitute


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Chicory (Cichorium intybus) is a versatile blue flower that has been grown for thousands of years for medicinal and culinary uses. It is easy to grow and thrives in poor soils. Chicory root is commonly used as a substitute or additive to coffee with a more balanced, relaxing effect. Seed packet contains 1 G (about 990 seeds).

The leaves can be used in a salad, the entire plant is a great forage crop for wildlife, and you can enjoy the flowers in your garden. Start chicory seeds indoors for early blooms - Large, premium seed packets give instructions on how to grow and when to plant outdoors

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