All About Arugula Microgreens: Fast and Easy Growing

Microgreen growing tips

Arugula has long been an ingredient in delicious salads. As one of the simplest microgreens to grow, you can easily add this spicy flavor to a variety of dishes. Arugula microgreens have an intense but delicious peppery flavor that gets less intense as the leaves grow. 

Arugula microgreens growing

If you are new to growing microgreens or aren't sure what all the hype is about, check out our microgreen information and growing guide.

How to Grow Arugula Microgreens

  • Puncture the bottom of each aluminum tray. Two rows of three holes about 1.5 inches apart will provide sufficient drainage.
  • Lightly press 1/2 cup of soil mix into each tray. 
  • Spread seeds evenly onto the soil mixture.
  • Mist seeds with water from a spray bottle until soil is damp but not soggy.
  • Cover the tray and keep away from light for 4 -6 days. This is the blackout period referred to on the seed packet. Use a permanent marker on the lid to label the variety of seeds you are growing.
  • Keep the soil moist but not overly wet. Check daily and mist as needed. 
  • Once seeds have sprouted, remove the cover and expose the seedlings to indirect light. Rotate the tray as needed if seedlings start bending toward the light. 
  • Continue keeping the seeds moist until ready to harvest.

Arugula microgreens growing in tray
arugula microgreens growing in tray

When and How to Harvest Arugula Microgreens

In 8 - 12 days, when seedlings are about 2 inches tall, they will be ready to harvest. At this point, the seed leaves (cotyledons) will be fully grown, and the first true leaves may appear. Use scissors to cut the greens just above the soil. Then rinse in cool water. Use immediately or place in the fridge and consume within a few days.

Enjoying your fresh Arugula Microgreens

Arugula microgreens can be added to a variety of dishes. Their peppery flavor makes them a delicious addition to salads, baked potatoes, and eggs. Try it alongside some delicious texture from pea microgreens and the nutrient-dense red cabbage microgreens in our easy Microgreens Growing Kit.  There are so many ways to enjoy their delicious and healthy benefits that you may want to start a new tray every week to always have a fresh supply.  

What are the nutritional benefits of Arugula microgreens?

Arugula microgreens have higher values of vitamin C, vitamin E, and carotenoids than mature spinach leaves. It doesn’t take much to add these nutritional benefits to your everyday life!

Arugula microgreens in window

Our Spicy Microgreens Starter Kit has everything you need to grow microgreens. This collection contains microgreen seeds for arugula, cress, and radish. 

The kit also includes three trays, blackout lids, and seed growing medium.

At Sow Right Seeds, we love gardening, and we are committed to helping you have a successful growing experience. Our seeds have a high germination rate, and by following the steps in our growing guide, you can reap the benefits of growing fresh, healthy microgreens in your own home!

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