Download Our Seed Starting Guide for Flowers, Herbs, and Vegetables

Seed starting guide

If you're new to gardening, this guide will walk you through the beginning steps of starting seeds indoors, what equipment you may want, and all the fancy terminology you hear gardeners throwing around. Even the most experienced of growers will find the variety-specific information on how to start each seed very useful, and will enjoy the ease of planning their garden with our printable sheet!

seed starting guide

Are You Ready to Start Seeds Indoors?

Growing your garden from seeds that you started is so gratifying, but can admittedly be a process that takes a lot of time and care. We want to help make starting seeds indoors as easy as we can for you!

Check out our downloadable PDF guide to help you be successful in starting your seeds.

What the Seed Starting Guide Includes:

Tools & Terms

The first page of our guide will give you some ideas of equipment you may want handy when starting seeds indoors. A seed starting mix will be necessary, and you'll want to find something to plant your seeds in as well. You can invest in a nice setup, or you can DIY most of the seed starting materials you will need!

Seed starting guide page 1 showing recommended equipment and terms to know

Variety Specific Seed Starting Tips

Next you will find a guide that provides detailed, in-depth information on how to start each variety, when to transplant seedlings, how long you might expect for each plant to mature, and specific notes for varieties that might require special conditions for germination (like cold stratification info). Find the variety you're wanting to plant and sow the seed of success!

Seed starting guide page 2
Seed Starting Guide page 5

Download Our Printable Planning Guide to Start Your Seeds Indoors

When you plan to start seeds indoors, it can be a little overwhelming to think about all the requirements for all the different varieties. It's important to have an organized place to keep all your information, and to plan specific dates for transplanting or succession planting. On the last page of our seed starting guide we have included a printable seed-starting worksheet that you can use for your own garden!

Seed starting guide page 8 printable

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