Companion Planting Chart: A Beginner's Guide for Vegetable Gardens

Companion planting chart

Companion planting is a great way to increase yields and reduce pests. This visual companion planting chart shows you which vegetables will grow well together.

Vegetable Companion Planting Chart

Planning how to lay out a vegetable garden is important to maximize your growing space. Companion planting will help you choose which plants to put together and which to avoid. This beginner's guide will help you plan a healthy, productive vegetable garden.

Companion Planting Chart
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Companion planting can also attract pollinators for successful pollination and increase your harvest. Read more about what to grow to attract more pollinators to your garden.

Interested in the productive way to grow corn, beans, and squash? Read more about how to plant a Three Sisters Garden.

Have more growing questions? At Sow Right Seeds, we love gardening and want your experience to be successful. Explore our Planter’s Library for more gardening tips, and check out our selection of herb, flower, and vegetable varieties to see what you’d like to grow next!

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