Biodegradable Seed Starting Kits for Your Favorite Herbs, Flowers, and Vegetables

Starting seeds indoors

Growing fresh herbs, flowers, and vegetables from seed is easy to do. Especially when you have the perfect supplies to get started. Biodegradable seed starting kits from Sow Right Seeds come with everything you need to start growing your favorite flowers, herbs, and vegetables. 

Medicinal herb starter kit

What is a Seed Starter Kit?

Seed starting kits make starting seeds indoors a simple process. Many people want to start growing their own flowers, herbs, and vegetables but don’t know where to start. Sow Right Seeds starter kits come with the basics, so you’ll know exactly how to get started.

What is Included in our Garden Starter Kits?

Our seed starting kits come with everything you need to get started growing. From your favorite Italian herbs to the ever-popular Zinnias, each kit has all the supplies. This is what you will find in each of our seed starting kits.


The seeds included in each kit are reliable, heirloom seeds that are guaranteed to germinate. Each seed packet has a full-color photo of what the mature plant will look like. On the back of the seed packet, you will find specific growing information for that particular seed.

Planting Pots

The fiber pots are all-natural and biodegradable. They are large enough to give the plant room to grow before it’s time to transplant or pot up for indoor growing. The included pots can be transplanted into the garden without disturbing the plant roots.

soil disks, pots and wood markers that come with kit

Expanding Soil Disks

Just add water, and you have exactly the amount of soil needed to fill the planting pots. Once fully hydrated, the soil will give the perfect starting place for your seeds to germinate.

Wooden Plant Markers

Labeling what you’ve planted is crucial. The starter kit comes with wooden markers to put in each pot. Use a permanent marker to write down what you’ve planted. You’ll want to remember the names of these plants so you can grow them again.

The whole starter kit is biodegradable. Everything, from the seed packets to the pots, can be added to your home compost and turned into rich garden soil.

Available Seed Starting Kits

Our garden kits are an easy way to get started growing. With a selection of flowers, herbs, and vegetables, you’ll find the seed-starting kit that’s right for you.

Basil Starter Kit

Basil is a culinary basic. With this kit, you can start them all at once or stagger your planting to have fresh basil year-round.

Basil plant and pesto

Perennial Flower Starter Kit

Want to start a garden with flowers that come back year after year? Our perennial flower starter kit will get those blooms off to a great start.

perennial wildflowers

Classic Tomato Starter Kit

The tomato kit features a nice variety of heirloom tomatoes. This selection will show you just how much better homegrown tomatoes taste.

tomatoes growing on vine

Medicinal Herb Garden Starter Kit

Growing medicinal herbs allows you to create your own home remedies. The medicinal herb kit provides you with the foundational herbs you need for a healing garden.

medicinal herbs growing in garden

Bell Pepper Starter Kit

Bell peppers aren’t just green. Sweet peppers are also red, yellow, orange, purple, and even chocolate! With the starter kit, you can taste all the beautiful colors.

colored bell peppers

Coleus Starter Kit

Coleus is a lush foliage flower. It can be grown indoors as a houseplant or outdoors for a tropical-looking garden.

Coleus plants in garden

Starter kits solve the problem of “Where do I start?”

Herbal Tea Garden Starter Kit

It’s comforting to know the source of your herbal tea. With the Herbal Tea Garden, you’ll have the most popular herbs to make a fresh pot of your favorite teas.

herbal tea

Lavender Starter Kit

Lavender has so many uses in the home. Lavender seeds need a cold period, so using the kit will help you focus on getting them off to a great start.

Lavender growing in field

Marigold Starter Kit

Marigolds are a treasured flower for many reasons. Start growing heirloom marigolds for a vegetable companion plant or for reliable summer and fall blooms.

Marigold flowers

Lemongrass Starter Kit

Lemongrass has many uses in the kitchen and garden. With its unique flavor and pest-deterring scent, Lemongrass is something you’ll never want to be without.

lemon grass stalks cut and whole

Herb Garden Starter Kit

Having fresh herbs on hand is crucial for discerning chefs. The herb garden kit gives you a generous supply of Genovese Basil, Cilantro, Flat Leaf Parsley, Oregano, and Chives to level up your cuisine.

chives, basil, parsley herbs

Mixed Zinnia Starter Kit

Zinnias are the quintessential summer flower. You can cut them for indoor flower bouquets, and they’ll just keep blooming all season long.

bouquet of zinnia flowers

Seed Starter Kits Make Great Gifts!

Give the gift of easy seed starting to all your gardening friends. You can also simplify your own seed starting and gift yourself a garden kit or two.

Italian Herb Starter Kit

Fresh Italian herbs will add that extra special flavor to your favorite dishes. Basil, thyme, oregano, parsley, and sage are all included in this kit.

fresh herbs being prepped

Cat Garden Starter Kit

Even your cat can benefit from our starter kits. The cat garden comes with both cat grass and catnip. No cat should be deprived of these tasty greens.

cat enjoying catnip

Mixed Pepper Starter Kit

Hot peppers add a little or big kick to a variety of dishes. Try the different levels of heat with the Mixed Pepper Starter Kit.

mixed green and red hot peppers

Tips for Starting Seeds with Sow Right Seeds Starter Kit

  • Make sure the soil disks are fully hydrated before putting the soil into the pots and planting the seeds.


  • Some seeds need light to germinate, and others need darkness. Follow the planting instructions for each seed and plant only to the depth recommended.


  • Keep the soil moist but not overly wet. Cover the pots with a clear dome to keep in the moisture if needed.


  • The use of supplemental light is often needed indoors. It takes 16 to 18 hours of indoor light to replace the amount of light the plants would receive outdoors.


  • Eventually, you will need to pot up or transplant the plants from the starter kit. Soak the pot to soften the fibers before transplanting. Then, gently break open the sides of the pot with your hands and bury the pot completely. You can read more about successful transplanting here.


The complete instructions for each garden kit are found under our Growing Guides.


Additional helpful information about growing and harvesting specific plants can be found in our Planter’s Library.

These starter kits are easy to use. With so many choices, you’ll find a use for more than one kit.


Order a Sow Right Seeds Garden Starter Kit today and get your garden growing.

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