Easy Indoor Gardening Ideas for Absolute Beginners

Indoor gardening

Gardening isn’t only for people who have a great big yard or patio. Indoor gardening is becoming more popular lately, with good reason. You don’t have to invest in a complicated hydroponics kit or build a greenhouse to get started gardening indoors. With just a few considerations, you’ll be growing in no time!

Pots of herbs growing in kitchen window

Lighting for Indoor Gardens

Where do you get the most natural light in your house? Some homes have wonderful sunrooms, but even if you don’t, a south-facing window can be a great option. You can also set up fluorescent lights or grow lights about 6 inches above the plants. Don’t use incandescent because they don’t produce the full spectrum of lights needed to grow and can overheat your plants.

Temperature & Humidity

You also want to consider temperature and humidity. The same range humans enjoy (65°-75°F) is a good temperature for many indoor plants. Ideal humidity is between 40 and 60%, so if your home gets dry due to your heating and cooling system, you might want to set up a humidifier to keep your plants happy. 

Growing Medium

A loose, well-draining potting mix works very well for indoor growing. Fresh potting soil ensures you don’t bring in any pathogens or diseases from outside, and it also won’t compact the way garden soil will. 

Watering & Fertilizer

Different plants have different needs, of course. Research what your plants need to grow, and your plants will thank you. Be careful not to overwater your plants.

Plants That Do Well Indoors

An herb garden is one of the most common indoor gardens. 

It’s nice to snip a few herbs without having to go outside.







Catnip & cat grass

Growing vegetables indoors is also an option. 

Look for dwarf varieties and green leafies that don’t take up as much space. These plants don’t need as much intense sun as fruiting vegetables. 




Small radish varieties

Written by Teresa Chandler

Three indoor pots of growing herbs

If you still aren’t sure where you want to start, we’ve got one last suggestion for you: grow your own microgreens! They’re beginner-friendly and don’t require much time commitment or space. Plus, kids love to watch them grow!

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