Showy Evening Primrose Flowers: Easy to Grow, Harvest, and Use


Showy Evening Primrose is a true gem of North American wildflowers. These resilient blossoms are as tough as they are beautiful, flourishing, and expanding with minimal human intervention. 


But how can you cultivate this botanical wonder in your own garden? It's simpler than you might think. In this blog post, we'll walk you through the steps to successfully grow and care for Showy Evening Primrose, as well as explore its uses and the benefits it brings to your outdoor spaces. 

pink showy evening primrose flowers

Showy Evening Primrose, or Oenothera speciosa, is a striking native American wildflower with four pink petals and yellow centers. This delicate-looking flower is also known as “Pink Ladies” and is surprisingly robust, growing and spreading rapidly without much care. You’ve probably seen these pink flowers many times when driving across the country, where their beauty as a mass planting is on full display. Their native range covers much of North America, from California to Florida and as far north as Pennsylvania.

How to Grow Showy Evening Primrose Flowers

Showy Evening Primrose is very easy to grow. Choose a sunny spot with well-draining, loose soil that you’ve prepared in advance for your seeds. Broadcast your seed and gently tamp it into the ground for good soil-to-seed contact, but only barely cover it. Light is necessary for germination, which typically occurs within 2-3 weeks. Once your seedlings come up, thin to space your plants about 12-18" apart.


Depending on your climate, Showy Evening Primrose can be grown either as an annual that is killed by cold every year, or a perennial that can survive winter and come back year after year. It also will easily self-sow in the same location year after year, so once you choose a spot for this low-maintenance plant, you won’t have to replant again anytime soon. Don’t let that discourage you though: the large pink flowers may seem fairly modest and delicate looking individually, but in a landscape, they are captivating. They also have a delightful fragrance!

planting evening primrose seeds

Showy Evening Primrose Maintenance

Showy Evening Primrose is easy to maintain. It tolerates poor soil and is somewhat resistant to drought conditions. Regular deadheading or flower harvesting will encourage more consistent blooming and help manage the plant’s self-seeding nature if you’re only growing for this year.

pink evening primrose flowers

Harvesting Showy Evening Primrose

Harvest Showy Evening Primrose flowers in the morning with sharp scissors and enjoy! To harvest the seeds, wait until the pods become dry and brown. At that point, you can gather them and finish drying them before storing them.

showy pink primrose in field

Showy Evening Primrose Uses

Showy Evening Primrose is a useful plant, and there are many reasons people choose to grow it.

Cut Flowers

Attract Wildlife

  •  If you are growing Showy Evening Primrose, expect many grateful visitors! Butterflies, bees, songbirds, and even hummingbirds love this native wildflower.

Ground Cover

  • Showy Evening Primrose is especially lovely in mass plantings and makes an excellent ground cover because it spreads by rhizomes and self-seeding.

Container Gardening

  • For those who prefer not to let this wildflower run rampant, Showy Evening Primrose is also adaptable for container gardening. Because it’s so easy to grow, it’s also a great choice for incorporating into mixed-use raised beds.

Evening Primrose Oil

  • Usually, Evening Primrose Oil is harvested from Oenothera biennis, which is a closely related plant, but some people also use Showy Evening Primrose for its oil. This oil is extracted from seeds by cold-pressing. You can get a manual press for this if you’re extracting the oil from the seeds at home. 

Growing Showy Evening Primrose is easy, fun, and rewarding. Because it’s wonderfully low-maintenance, it’s a beautiful choice for beginners. It’s also adaptable, spreading vigorously and self-sowing year after year. That makes it a nice option for that spot you just don’t know what to do with. It creates a gentle, elegant landscape that attracts beneficial pollinators and songbirds to the garden.


Showy Evening Primrose flowers promise an easy, rewarding, and visually captivating addition to your landscape.


Written by Teresa Chandler

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