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Today is a happy day for your feline friend! 

Irresistible catnip and sweet oat grass are the delicious treats your cat is begging for.

These two plants have some truly unique traits that you and your pet will love. 

Catnip contains nepetalactone oil which stimulates the pheromone receptors and gives a sense of euphoria. 

Cat Grass grown from 100% Sweet Oats can help pet health by providing fiber and natural trace elements such as vitamins A and D.

Catnip & Cat Grass Growing Kit Instructions

Garden kit instructions
  • Start by following the instructions for hydrating the soil discs. Once the soil is expanded and in pots, you are ready to start planting.
  • Plant the seeds according to the instructions for each specific seed packet. 

Note the special cold stratifying for Catnip: Sprinkle catnip seed onto a wet paper towel, fold the towel, and place it in a plastic bag. Put the bag in the refrigerator for 3 to 4 weeks. Then plant in the soil.

Knowing how and when to water is vital:

  • Water by misting at first until the seeds start to sprout.
  • Take care that the seeds don’t dry out too quickly - seeds need to stay moist but not waterlogged to sprout. 
  • Once the seedlings are growing, continue to keep the soil moist with less frequent but deeper watering.
  • Don’t let the pots dry out completely between waterings, just the top layer of soil.

Additional Growing Tips:

  • Plants, like cats, enjoy a sunny location. Usually, a south or southwest facing window will give you the 6 to 8 hours of daily sunlight necessary for vigorous growth.
  • Keep the seedlings away from your cat until the plants are big enough to be enjoyed.  

All the Cat Grass and Catnip Cats Can Dream of!

We've included enough seeds for cat grass (3 packets) for your cat to enjoy for quite a while. Consider succession planting to extend snacking. 

To succession plant catnip and cat grass: plant new seeds 1 week after your first seeds sprout - continue this cycle until amount of herbs desired is reached or until you've run out of seed.

Catnip and Cat Grass Eating

  • Catnip is like other herbs and needs to be snipped back to encourage more growth instead of flowers. But with a cat snacking often on this delicious treat, you may have little to prune. 
  • Cat Grass has a short life cycle and can only be eaten a few times by your pet before you'll want to remove and replace it with a fresh cat grass plant.

Catnip for Dogs?

Your dog will also enjoy snacking on these herbs - they may even like it more than chewing on that stick in the backyard! Catnip and Sweet Oat Grass are safe for both cats and dogs alike. 

Our Catnip & Cat Grass Growing Kit makes it easy to pamper your indoor or outdoor cat (or dog). 

Have more growing questions? At Sow Right Seeds we love gardening, and we want your experience to be successful. Explore our Planters Library for more growing tips, and check out all of our herb, flower, and vegetable varieties to see what you'd like to grow next!


Written by Beverly Laudie

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