How to Grow Aster Flowers to Star in Your Summer & Fall Garden


Aster flowers can definitely be the “star” in your garden. These easy-to-grow flowers are prolific bloomers and excellent for late summer and fall displays of color.

Pink and purple aster flowers growing

Asters are straightforward and rewarding plants to grow. These adaptable flowers have a simple, elegant appearance that adds beauty to the garden. They come in many sizes, heights, and colors, which means there’s an aster for almost any garden. Asters are extremely easy to grow and very reliable. They make long-lasting cut flowers and provide much-needed pollen for visiting bees and other pollinators.

One of our favorite varieties is Powder Puff China Aster, an annual variety that produces fragrant 2 to 3-inch double blooms on 2-foot stems. This mix will give you a range of colors from purple to pink.


These beauties resemble chrysanthemums but are much less fussy and are easy to grow from seed. China Asters will produce abundantly from late summer until the first frost.


Add aster flowers to your fall flower garden.

Planting Aster Flowers

Let’s look at what you need to grow and care for aster flowers.

Choosing the Right Location

Asters thrive in areas with plenty of sunlight. They need at least 8 hours of light a day, although some species can tolerate some shade. The more sunlight, the more blooms - so try to find a sunny spot.


Aster flowers generally prefer cool seasons, putting out the most blooms during late summer to fall. Extreme heat can be stressful, especially for new plantings, so take care if you experience harsh, hot summers. However, these resilient plants tend to find a way to survive. Once they have established a strong taproot, many asters can adapt to various conditions, including drought and heat. China Aster is an adaptable variety, making it a good choice for many climates, including warmer areas.

Soil Requirements

Asters prefer moist but well-drained soil. Planting in a spot with loamy, organically rich soil helps these flowers establish healthy root systems and plant growth​​​​.

green foliage of aster flower plant
Aster flower plant before it blooms.

Planting Time

You can plant asters from spring until fall, but hot summers can be stressful for new seedlings. 


Start annual varieties like Powder Puff China Aster 6-8 weeks before the last frost to give your plants a head start and allow a longer bloom time. 


In cooler climates, plant perennial varieties no later than early fall to allow the roots to develop before the onset of freezing temperatures​​.

pink aster flowers growing in garden

Caring for Aster Flowers


Regular watering is vital, especially during the establishment of your aster seedlings. It’s also crucial during dry periods. Avoid over-watering; asters do not like soggy soil.


Deadheading old blooms encourages more blooms and helps maintain the plant’s appearance. At the end of the season, you can leave some flowers for the birds to eat and for collecting seeds from your favorite plants.


Aster flowers are not heavy feeders. Amending the soil with some light fertilizer or a layer of compost in the spring will encourage growth and blooms.

Aster Blooming Season

Asters generally bloom in late summer and fall, when many other summer flowers have dropped their blooms. Their daisy-shaped flowers add color and beauty to the landscape during these seasons​​​​. 


China Asters bloom from late summer to the first frost. Their cheerful, fragrant, and fully double flowers add a lot of color, whether planted in a meadow style or as an addition to your beds and containers.

General Tips

Monitor for pests and diseases and treat them promptly if they arise. 


For perennial asters, divide the plants every few years to prevent overcrowding and to keep the plants vigorous. 


China Asters, being annuals, can be started fresh every year from seed. Collect your aster seeds at the end of the growing season and replant them the following year for a controlled, reliable germination process and to ensure the ideal placement of your flowers from year to year.


Asters are a versatile and beautiful addition to any garden, known for their cheery colors and easy maintenance. They can provide a stunning display in your garden from late summer through fall.


 We especially recommend the bright, colorful blooms of Powder Puff China Aster. Add these seeds to your garden and discover their vibrant beauty and simplicity yourself!


Written by Teresa Chandler

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