4 Important Reasons to Grow a Family Garden

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Rising food costs have been hard on everyone. Growing a garden at home is a great way to cut your food budget. But that's not the only reason that having a family garden will be worth the effort. 

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4 Ways a Family Garden Can Benefit Kids

Growing a home garden with your children can turn a personal hobby into a family activity! Getting the little ones in on the fun can provide them with a host of benefits they’ll enjoy for the rest of their lives. If you’re on the fence about letting your kids help, consider these reasons to include them in your family garden.

Healthy Outdoor Activity

Gardening is a healthy outdoor activity that can be enjoyed at home. Group activities like sports aren’t always possible, and many modern kids’ activities are fairly passive indoor activities. While there’s nothing wrong with reading a book or playing games with family, getting kids outside gives them exercise, fresh air, some Vitamin D from the sun, and gets them in touch with nature. Growing a family garden lets even a toddler be involved and enjoy some gentle exercise.

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Gardening is good for the brain.

Gardening isn’t just healthy for the body; it’s good for the brain, too! Teaching children about ecosystems and life cycles is a part of basic science education. It may seem theoretical and far off when kids learn about a seed growing into a plant in the classroom, but when they watch seeds they planted become plants, science comes to life! They can learn to love nature and understand better their role in the earth’s life cycles.  Learning to love a plant and the beauty of a flower is soul food, and it helps children to become more connected to life in a very healthy, positive way.

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Provides fresh, nourishing food

Home gardens supply families with healthy, wholesome food that can replace or supplement grocery store visits. Plus, the food from your garden just tastes better! By teaching your kids to grow their own food, you’ll also be giving them long-term survival skills. In hard times, people who can grow food in the garden have more security and access to fresh food. 

A family garden is the place to nurture an appreciation for life.

Grows healthy relationships

You’ll probably be surprised how much your kids enjoy gardening with you. By sharing your love of growing with your kids, you’ll be building relationships and working on a long-term project together. Don’t worry if they make mistakes or seem bored at first. They’ll learn the value of hard work, patience, and delayed gratification. Those are all great life lessons that will stick with them for a lifetime.

From cutting your grocery bill to better health, make this the year you reap all the rewards of growing a family garden.

A family garden can be as small as a few plants in pots or large enough to supply your food needs all year long.


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