Kids Garden Collection

childrens garden collection with 8 varieties of seed packets to grow for sale
color changing purple to green bean royal burgundy bean seeds for planting
how to grow the best childrens garden
rainbow mix purple orange and yellow carrot seeds for planting
short corn red kerneled strawberry pop corn seeds for planting
unique round lemon cucumber seeds for planting
small head little gem lettuce seeds for planting
easter egg mix red white and purple radish seeds for planting
giant bright yellow russian black peredovik sunflower seeds for planting
stunning green envy zinnia seeds for planting

Kids Garden Collection

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Our kids garden seed collection is a variety pack that contains eight large individual packets: Royal Burgundy Bean, Strawberry Popcorn, Rainbow Mix Carrot, Little Gem Lettuce, Easter Egg Radish, Lemon Cucumber, Peredovik Sunflower, and Envy Zinnia.

Kids love seeing a seed sprout up and grow into something amazing - this mix will hold their interest through the entire growing season. Teach the children in your life simple science lessons, and bond with them over the value of growing your own food.

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