Eggplant Collection

eggplant seed packet collection with 4 varieties of seeds for sale
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vegetable black beauty eggplant seeds
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rare white eggplant seeds for sale
vegetable long purple eggplant seeds
Eggplant Collection

Eggplant Collection

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Our eggplant collection contains four large full-color packet of Black Beauty, Casper, Rosa Bianca and Long Purple Eggplant (Solanum melongena) seeds. These popular heirloom varieties are easy to grow and produce well. Harvest when skin is glossy for best flavor and texture. 

Roasted with olive oil, grilled, breaded and fried crispy, creamy eggplant and feta dip, or the classic Eggplant Parmesan, are all delicious ways to enjoy this healthy vegetable. Eggplant is a close relative to tomatoes and potatoes and will be a prolific producer all season.

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