Fordhook Swiss Chard

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Fordhook Swiss Chard

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Fordhook Swiss Chard (Beta vulgaris) is a fast-growing annual known for its wide, crinkled green leaves with white stalks and veins flowing throughout the foliage. The leaves are succulent and tender, and without the bitterness of pigmented varieties. It is a super food due to its rich supply of flavonoids, and it is an excellent source of vitamins.

This variety of Swiss Chard is eaten raw when young, but larger leaves are best cooked. They can be sautéed, baked and even grilled. Works especially well with smoked meats and beans, or added to pastas, soups and stews, pizzas and flatbreads. Large, premium seed packets give instructions on how to grow and when to plant outdoors 

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Start seeds indoors with supplemental heat for best germination. Transplant to a sunny spot with fertile soil. Water evenly. Begin harvesting outside leaves when plants are 6 to 8" tall, leaving plenty center of the plant for regrowth.

Days to germination: 7-14
Planting depth: 1/2”
Plant Spacing: 12-18"
Soil Temperature: 65 to 75°
Light Requirements: Sun

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