Genovese Basil

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Genovese Basil

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Sweet Basil (Ocimum basilicum) is a popular and easy-to-grow annual that develops extra large, aromatic leaves with a spicy, clove-like flavor. This culinary herb is typically used in Italian dishes. Genovese Basil is ideal for creating large batches of classic pesto. Seed packet contains 500 MG (about 400 seeds).

Growing basil can be a versatile addition to the herb garden indoors or outdoors. Large, premium seed packets give instructions on how to grow and when to plant outdoors. 

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Customer Reviews

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Phenomenal Basil 💚

This Genovese Basil is phenomenal 💚 I began growing this Basil in a small area in my apartment during this year's unusually cold and rainy winter months in Los Angeles.
I purchased a good-quality grow light bulb and pampered the seedlings in rockwool.
Once they grew stronger, I transferred them to small net pots to experiment with the soil-free Kratky-method. The seedlings loved it and soon grew roots strong enough to be transferred into their current environment - orchid pots filled with clay pellets (Leca), a semi-hydroponic method I've been using for all my house plants for more than 35 years.
And my beautiful Basil plants continue to thrive! 🌱🌿
Their big leaves (some measuring more than 4x3 inches!) have amazed everyone who's seen them. And they are so delicious too 😊 Thank you, Sow Right Seeds, for offering such great-quality plant seeds 💚