Pepper Collection

pepper seed packet collection with 8 varieties of seeds for sale
vegetable serrano pepper seeds
how to plant the best serrano pepper plants
orange bell pepper seeds to plant
vegetable habanero red pepper seeds
vegetable sweet chocolate pepper seeds
vegetable cubanelle sweet pepper seeds
vegetable california wonder pepper seeds
vegetable cayenne pepper seeds
mildly spicy green anaheim pepper seeds for planting

Pepper Collection

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Our pepper collection contains eight large individual packets of peppers, including 4 sweet varieties: California Wonder, Orange Sun, Sweet Chocolate, Cubanelle and 4 hot varieties: Habanero Red, Cayenne, Anaheim, and Serrano. Best started indoors under lights 8 weeks before setting outside.

Peppers are a favorite for their mild or hot flavor. Excellent for eating raw, pickling, or adding to salads and omelets. Peppers, in assorted hot or sweet varieties, are not only productive plants, but typically have lush foliage that looks great in garden and in landscape beds.

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