Pink Oxheart Tomato

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Pink Oxheart Tomato

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Pink Oxheart tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) is a vigorous producer of 1-2 pound tomatoes with a beautiful heart shape. Flesh is firm and dense with an intense tomato flavor. Excellent for slicing or tomato paste. Indeterminate variety. Seed packet contains 100 MG (about 45 seeds).

Home-grown heirloom tomatoes have so much more flavor than supermarket hybrid varieties. There is a wide range of shapes including cherry, beefsteak, grape, paste, roma, and in many more colors than red, including yellow, purple, black, pink, white or even green. Mix with fresh mozzarella and basil for a summertime salad or bruschetta, make fresh pico, a tomato tart, smoky and spicy tomato jam, or preserve them (dried or canned). Large, premium seed packets give instructions on how to grow and when to plant outdoors

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