Tri-Color Watermelon Collection

tri color watermelon seed packet collection with 3 varieties of seeds for sale
each packet in the tri-color watermelon collection features variety highlights helpful growing specs easy to follow planting instructions
tri-color watermelon seed collection collage growing in garden red slices orange slices on plate yellow
tri-color watermelon seed collection a colorful selection of delicious summer watermelons large and small
tri color watermelon seed collection collage garden fresh watermelons are a divine summer treat try in a fruit salad

Tri-Color Watermelon Collection

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Our tri-color watermelon collection contains three large individual packets of Red Jubilee, Yellow Petite, and Orange Tendersweet Watermelons. Grow an abundant harvest of sweet melons in a variety of colors. 

Watermelons love heat, the hotter the better. If you live in a cooler climate, start seeds indoors early and transplant to the hottest spot in your yard. True to their name, the flesh of these giant watermelons is sweet and refreshing. Each color tastes slightly different.

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