Zucchini Squash Collection

zucchini squash seed packet collection with 5 varieties of seeds for sale
vegetable grey zucchini seeds
how to grow the best grey zucchini plants
vegetable round zucchini seeds
vegetable golden zucchini seeds
vegetable cocozelle zucchini seeds
vegetable black beauty zucchini seeds

Zucchini Squash Collection

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Our zucchini squash collection contains five large individual packets of Black Beauty, Cocozelle, Grey, Round, and Golden Zucchini seeds. A wonderful selection of shapes and colors to brighten your garden inspired dishes. 

Fresh zucchini squash is delicious sauteed in butter with a little garlic. It is also a wonderful addition to Italian lasagna, Asian stir fries, Middle Eastern curry, sweet breads and even pancakes. So many ways to use this versatile vegetable. These compact varieties are disease resistant and could be grown in containers on your deck. They also do well planted in late summer for a fall harvest.

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