Our Story

Daryl and Patty, the founders of Sow Right Seeds, are long-time gardeners.  They come from families that gardened not as a hobby, but as a way to sustain themselves.  During all that time in the garden, they witnessed the miracle of seeds germinating and began to understand the law of the harvest.
child in a corn field
Daryl planting seeds
father and son planting in a field
Just months after tying the knot, Daryl and Patty started their first garden together and they’ve been growing ever since.  For them, healthy fresh vegetables, delicious herbs, and beautiful flowers picked straight from the garden are a joy that endures.
Patty in her First Garden
Ward family photo

Sow Right Seeds grew out of their desire to share that joy and help others grow better nutrition and a happier life.

Our promise, from our family to yours.

We strive to provide the highest quality Non-GMO seeds that grow delicious, healthy food and beautiful flowers.

Because we want you to be successful, we carefully source seeds with good germination and desirable characteristics.  Our seed packets include simple but thorough instructions to help you grow. 

Join us in our family adventure! Follow us, let us know if you have any questions, and try out our seeds.