Share the Joy of Growing with These Fun Gardening Gifts

Remember how it felt to get a gift you could play with? The excitement of unwrapping evolved into hours of fun!  This year give your gardening friends and family gifts they can enjoy now and play with for days. 


We have great gardening gifts for every gardener on your list. Even those who’ve never sprouted a seed in their life!

person holding 3 gifts outdoors

Why Give Seeds as Gifts?

When you give seeds as a gift, the true gift goes beyond the package they're unwrapping. Your gardening friends will enjoy the whole process of sprouting seeds and watching them grow into the ultimate payoff - a harvest of beautiful blooms, healthy food, and healing herbs.

Our Favorite Gifts for Gardeners

Microgreens Growing Kits

Turn anyone into a green thumb with these simple microgreens kits! In as little as 12 days, they can enjoy a crisp, fresh harvest. 

Microgreens are grown indoors. From Arizona to Alaska, you can enjoy the powerful nutritional benefits any time of year.


Superfood Microgreens Starter Kit

Kale, broccoli, and cabbage are some of the healthiest foods you can eat. When harvested as microgreens their nutritional density is incredible.

Spicy Microgreens Starter Kit

Cress, arugula, and radish will add an extra spicy kick. They're excellent on salads and sandwiches.

Salad Microgreens Starter Kit

Pea, sunflower, and radish seeds will add some crunch and protein to salads and other dishes. 

Large Microgreens Starter Kit

The Large Microgreens kit includes 8 different microgreens so you can sample all the healthy flavors.

We recommend these microgreen kits for everyone on your list. 


The foodies will love adding microgreens to their plates to turn every meal into a fine dining experience.


Your health-conscious friends will appreciate the astounding nutritional benefits.  


Microgreens are perfect for beginners. Our kits come with everything you need to grow healthy, delicious micro greens. The trays, growing medium, and seeds. 


We also have seed packets available for growing microgreens in your own DIY options. 


When you give the gift of microgreens, you give the miraculous experience of seed sprouting.

Garden Starter Kits

soil, markers, and pots included in kit

For the beginner gardener who doesn’t know where to start, our kits come with everything they need. The seeds, soil, pots, and plant markers. They’ll be excited to grow their own flowers, herbs, and vegetables


These Starter Kits are so fun we’ll understand if you also snag a few for yourself.

pepper seed starting kit

Cat Garden Starter Kit

Perfect for your cat-loving gardening friends. This kit includes catnip and cat grass, the favorite greens for cats.

Herb Garden Starter Kit

Give the gift of fresh herbs with this collection. Basil, cilantro, parsley, oregano, and chives form the basic savory herb garden. 

Herbal Tea Garden Starter Kit

What could be better than fresh herbs for tea? When included with all the growing materials, this makes the perfect gift.

Mixed Pepper Starter Kit

Some like it hot! This array of peppers, from mild California Wonder to hot Habanero Red, will be fun to experiment with for salsa and chili.

Lavender Starter Kit

Grown for its scent as well as its healing and cleansing properties, you can't go wrong with giving lavender.

Classic Tomato Starter Kit

Tomato lovers will appreciate this kit. It includes 5 popular heirloom tomato varieties. Marglobe, Beefsteak, Large Red Cherry, White Cherry, and Roma will ensure there's something for every tomato recipe.

Seed starting kits are an excellent way to support your beginner gardening friends as well as master gardeners. They’ll have everything they need to start growing a favorite heirloom or a new-to-them variety.

Seed Collections

Giving a packet of seeds opens up a world of possibilities. Our specially curated seed collections give gardeners specific seeds to create their unique garden.

Collection of seed packets

Large Medicinal Herb Collection

Medicinal herbs are perfect for gardeners who want to make their own home remedies. These herbs have many uses including healing skin and calming stomachs.

Exotic Vegetable Collection

Share these unique vegetables! Chocolate brown peppers, lemon cucumbers, and fractal broccoli. Vegetables that are fun to grow and delicious to eat.

Hydroponic Vegetable Collection

For your indoor gardening friends, the hydroponic collection has the seeds they want. These can be grown in all kinds of hydroponic systems. 

Classic Vegetable Collection

These 14 vegetables are the most popular varieties. Every home gardener will appreciate the reliable flavor of these heirlooms.

Flower Farm Collection

With 24 different flowers, this collection will ensure they have everything they need for the most beautiful array of blooms.

More Seed and Plant Giving Ideas

Garden journaling is how gardeners learn more year after year. For the serious green thumbs on your list, include a sturdy notebook with packets of new seeds for them to try.


Are they interested in making their own tea? Herbal tea drinkers will appreciate the benefits of fresh herbs.  Put the herbal tea collection in a teacup wrapped up in a beautiful bow. 


Start your favorite herbs in beautiful pots. A pot of rosemary, sage, basil, lavender, and many other herbs will be a welcome addition to their indoor garden.


Gardening gloves filled with seed packets will give them something to look forward to planting. 


And if you know they enjoy shopping for new seeds to try, give them a gift card from Sow Right Seeds!

Gifts wrapped with greenery

Give gardeners something they’ll truly appreciate.

These gift ideas are an excellent way to share the joy of growing with everyone. Sprouting seeds isn’t just for those who have a green thumb. Anyone can reap the benefits of growing from seed. 

At Sow Right Seeds, we believe in building a sustainable life filled with joy. What better way to share that joy than by giving the gift of seeds? 

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