Sweet and Juicy Heirloom Watermelon Varieties to Grow


Watermelon is the fruit of summer! It loves to grow in the hot sun. It takes patience to wait, but once it’s time to break a watermelon open, the reward is sweet, juicy goodness.

heirloom watermelon growing on ground

Our Sweet Heirloom Watermelon Varieties

Watermelon isn’t only red with green rinds. Heirloom watermelon varieties include unique flesh colors of pink, yellow, and orange. 


With all the different varieties to try, you're sure to find the best watermelon for your summer garden.

Crimson Sweet Watermelon

This is your classic watermelon with a light green striped skin. Cut it open to reveal a vivid crimson flesh and small black seeds. 

Crimson Sweet has a higher-than-normal sugar content which makes it extra sweet.

Crimson Sweet watermelons can grow 20 to 25 pounds. They are perfect for cutting into huge wedges. (Seed spitting contest, anyone?)

This variety is also resistant to anthracnose and fusarium wilt.

Plan on growing it between 80 to 95 days until it’s ready to pick. 

Allsweet Watermelon

Another classic-looking watermelon is the Allsweet. It has a thick green-striped rind that protects its juicy, crisp red flesh. 

This variety produces relatively few seeds which makes it nice for cutting into chunks for easy eating.

Allsweet watermelons average 17 to 19 inches around and weigh 25 pounds or more. This so there's plenty to share!

Because of their size, these watermelons take longer to mature. Plan on 90 to 100 days for them to turn all that sunshine into juicy fresh magic.

Golden Midget Watermelon

Right away you’ll know this isn’t a traditional watermelon. Its rind is a golden yellow color. But don’t confuse it with other melons, it is still a watermelon. Inside its flesh is a beautiful salmon color.

As its name suggests, the Golden Midget variety is a small watermelon. It only takes 70 days to grow to maturity for fruits that are 3 to 5 lbs. Perfect for storing in the icebox and taking on picnics. 

At only 70 days to maturity, Golden Midget is a good choice for cooler climates with fewer hot days.

Sugar Baby Watermelon

Known as an icebox or picnic watermelon, Sugar Baby Watermelons have been around since 1956 and are always a winner. 

This heirloom variety is popular with many home Gardners because it takes less room to grow. The compact vines spread out to only 6 to 8 feet. 

A ripe Sugar Baby watermelon will have very sweet flesh and a dull green rind. The round melons will grow to 6 to 10 pounds which makes them easily fit into the fridge or a picnic basket.  

The typical days to maturity is 75.

Tendersweet Watermelon

Although an heirloom, this melon is not traditional in looks or flavor. Cut open a Tendersweet watermelon, and you’ll discover tender, bright orange flesh. With its high sugar content, the flavor is mild and sweet, like honey.

This variety grows large, 35-pound watermelons that take 80 to 90 days to mature. 

Yellow Crimson Watermelon

Yellow Crimson is another heirloom watermelon that will surprise your summer picnic guests. It looks exactly like a typical watermelon on the outside with a striped green rind and weighing up to 20 pounds. 

But inside is a surprisingly bright yellow flesh with large dark seeds. The flavor is sweet, with hints of honey and apricot. A delicious alternative that looks beautiful paired with red varieties.

Yellow Crimson matures around 80 days.

Jubilee Watermelon

This is a fun watermelon variety to grow if you want a big melon. Jubilee watermelons typically reach 25 to 40 pounds. 

These big oblong-shaped watermelons have a pale green rind with dark green stripes.
Developed in Florida in 1963, Jubilee watermelons enjoy the warm summer growing season. This heirloom watermelon variety will take 90 days to reach maturity.

Yellow Petite Watermelon

As the name suggests, these are small watermelons. Yellow Petite watermelon is a widely adaptable variety that is great for small gardens and shorter growing seasons. It develops 5-7 pound fruits that are perfectly round in 65 to 80 days.

Another icebox heirloom watermelon variety, Yellow Petite, has a striped green rind on the outside and a crisp yellow inside. 

These heirloom watermelon varieties will be a delicious treat in your summer garden!

Plan now to grow your favorites.

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